Signs You’re Dealing with a Bad Moving Firm

by | May 29, 2018 | Moving and Relocating

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There may be a lot of moving firms out there but finding the right one can take a bit more time and energy. If you see any of the following signs, though, that could indicate a rogue mover. If you find yourself dealing with a rogue moving firm, move on.

Super low prices

Quality costs. Remember that when you look for movers in Mission Hills. That’s why low rates are often an indicator of rogue movers, U.S. News says. Also, hiring firms that charge super-cheap rates isn’t the best way to get the quality and level of services you want. Your belongings could get to your new home sporting new dents and dings. Don’t want that to happen to your precious piano or antique furniture? Hire the services of moving team that charges reasonable rates.

High deposits

It’s not uncommon to pay a deposit. However, if the deposit price is about twenty or twenty-five percent of your total moving costs, then that’s a red flashing sign. Don’t shell out the money for that one. Look for moving assistance elsewhere.

Scant information

Reputable movers in Mission Hills have no problems providing customers with a lot of information about the company. From their history and experience to their staff and the services they offer, they would have all these information available on the company’s website. If that’s not the case and the company’s contact details are vague or hard to find, then you may want to consider other options in the market.

Unmarked van

If the movers arrive using an unmarked van, then that’s another sign that you may be dealing with a rogue moving crew. Some may even just hire people off the street. Be on the lookout for those signs so you can walk away and terminate the contract, just in case.

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