7 Steps to Find the Best Moving Firm for Your Relocation

Pick a moving service you can trust. Look at the following steps on how to find the best one out of the bunch.

Start with experience

There’s no substitute for experience. It’s knowledge that’s gleaned from years of working in the field. That’s the kind of expertise you want your moving crew to have so look for moving companies in Westchester IL that have been in the business long enough to gain that level of experience.

Consider reputation

What kind of reputation does the company have in the area? Does it have a solid presence in the community? Ask around. What do other customers say about the firm?

Ask about their license

Moving companies in Westchester IL that do business in one state won’t need a license. But companies that provide long-distance moving services do. If you’re moving quite a bit of distance away, then you’ll want to ask the company for its US DOT number, the Huffington Post says.

Think about insurance

Is the company insured? It should be. If the company doesn’t have one, it could be hiring an underaged unlicensed teenager to drive the truck. That’s a recipe for disaster. Prevent these problems by hiring insured moving services.

Check feedback

Before you pick a moving firm, make sure you scroll through reviews online. What’s the general trend in the comments? Is it positive or negative? That should help you make a sound hiring decision.

Ask about the rates

Know what the rates cover. Don’t assume that it’ll cover all the services you need. Talk about the assistance you expect so you can confirm with the rates with the moving firm.

Know the extras

Some companies charge extra if they need to deal with stairs or elevators or if you book on the weekend. Be aware of that so you can adjust your budget accordingly.

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