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Wondering how to make moving day easier? One way is to go for professional movers in Plainfield IL. Read on to know how to pick the right team:

Get started on that inventory

Make a list of all your belongings. Decide where you want to put everything. Then start labeling them so your movers already know in advance where to put them on D-day.

Give a thorough walk-through

When an estimator comes, be sure to show every item that’s on your list, says How Stuff Works. Don’t try to hide items only to add them later on, thinking the moving company won’t notice. You could end up with extra charges for that.

Know the signs

It’s wise to be on the lookout for dodgy movers. If the estimator isn’t asking you about any of the items that are included in your inventory, then that’s a red flashing flag. You might want to consider checking out other movers in Plainfield IL.

Ask for references

A moving firm with an excellent reputation will have no issues providing you with a list of references from former or current clients. Call them up and ask them about their experience working with the company. Were they satisfied with the results? Will they use the company’s services again? The answers you’ll get will help you know which way to go.

Beware of hidden costs

Make sure the moving company knows of any conditions that might make the move extra challenging. Are there stairs, an elevator? You could be charged extra if you’re going to ask movers to find a way to bring out your oversized sofa through the window because it doesn’t fit your door.

Report problems right away

Once your belongings have been unloaded, it would be prudent to check if anything’s missing or damaged.

By following these tips, hiring and dealing with movers on D-day should be a lot less stressful than you think.

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