How to Properly Prepare your Boat for Transport and Storage

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Transportation & Logistics

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Your boat is one of your most valuable assets and when preparing it for storage you want to ensure everything is done to protect your investment. When you are shipping your boat to a marina for storage you want to be certain it is safely prepared to arrive in good condition. Here are some important tips to ensure things go as smoothly as possible:

* Make sure you choose a marina or boatyard that provides you with everything you require such as yard trailers, hydraulics if necessary, safe stands for storage and of course security
* Look for a marina that also has 14 feet clearance to avoid interference from branches and wires
* Any loose gear that will remain on your boat during transport should be secured both above and below deck
* Secure all hatches and windows locked and latched and consider taping anything that does not seem secure enough
* Seal windows and hatches that are known to leak with duct tape on the outside to avoid water damage should there be foul weather during transportation
* It is very important to drain fuel and water tanks and remove drain plugs for your boat’s hull
* Any additional water such as pumps and air conditioners must be drained to avoid freezing in cold weather
* Disconnect batteries
* Separate cables from your battery to avoid them touching by accident during transport

It is important to remember that transporters will not take responsibility for your damages so it is important to take care of any special features on your boat including:

* Valuable electronics and anchors should be removed from the deck and secured and protected with padding in the cabin
* Make sure anything that protrudes is either removed or covered with padding
* Radar arches or fly bridges should be removed and secured if they are higher than 13.5 inches
* If you have a dinghy or any form of superstructure it must be padded and properly secured

Work with your marina or boat storage company to find out if they have any further requirements. Make sure you check out their equipment such as their yard trailers and racks where your boat will be stored to ensure they are in good condition. Following these steps will keep your boat safe during transportation and keep it secure during storage.

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