What’s a rollback wrecker?

What is known as a rollback wrecker is a version of a tow truck. Although there are very large units the greatest majority of those owned and operated by a Naperville towing company are used to transport personal vehicles such as family cars and light pickup trucks. A rollback wrecker has a flat bed which in it’s entirely can be lowered to the ground using hydraulic controls. Vehicles which are to be transported can then be either driven onto the lowered bed or they can be pulled on with the integral winch. Once the vehicle is located properly on the bed and securely anchored, the bed is brought back level with the chassis of the truck.

Although flatbed wreckers are most often used for light vehicles there are models that are fitted with a large enough bed and on a powerful chassis that can haul large trucks and equipment. These larger units are often used to move heavy construction equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, etc from one job site to another or to relocate them to the shop in the event they need repairing.

A Naperville towing company will have three different types of tow trucks at its disposal for emergency roadside removal. The three types are wheel lift, hook and chain and the flatbed rollback wrecker. The flatbed wrecker is the only one of the three that actually transports the vehicle off all four wheels, both the wheel lift and hook and chain types rely on one pair of wheels remaining on the road. Either the front wheels or rear wheels are lifted while the other two wheels remain on the ground during transport.

The beauty of a rollback wrecker is that is does no damage to the vehicle. This is of no consequence if the vehicle has been in a collision but if it has broken down on the side of the road the owner does not want to damage the vehicle during transport. When a vehicle is transported on a hook and chain vehicle the bumper can drag and in many cases the operator must disconnect the drive shaft before the vehicle can be towed.

Although all flatbed wreckers have many common characteristics, the material from which they are made can vary; they are made from either steel or aluminum. Other options include the deck size of course, the rail design and the carrying capacity. In most cases a Naperville towing company fit the flatbed to a diesel driven extended chassis vehicle.

Green Machine Towing offer flatbed towing for light vehicles as well as light construction equipment. If you need roadside assistance for a tire change or jump start you are invited to call Green Machine Towing, your Naperville towing company.

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