Explore Custom Shipping Options For Safe, Efficient Delivery of Art

Shipping artwork soundly is crucial to effective stewardship over masterpieces. It also makes good business sense. Art damaged through shipping incurs enormous fees for every party involved. The potential costs and risks of restoration can leave your wallet reeling and leave a great work of art permanently disfigured. Competent, seasoned shipping and delivery of art prevents the above fiascoes.

What to Look for in Art Shipping Services

Perform a keyword phrase search of “designer delivery services near me,” and a wealth of options pop up. How do you know which one to choose? There are some basic criteria that indicate a knowledgeable, efficient art packer and deliverer.

Make sure the packer offers highly durable, custom, reusable crating. Custom crating entails the design of a receptacle engineered specifically to house and protect a given work of art. Custom packaging, interior anchoring and void fill contribute additional layers of stability and sturdiness.

Heavy duty crating doubles as a form of sound, protective storage. Double-duty crating lets you save money by warehousing your shipped art in its very shipping container, opening the container as needed to assure the art’s fitness and any ongoing maintenance.

Certified Handling of Many Different Types of Art

Packing and shipping flat paintings from California or elsewhere seems straightforward enough, but what about precious vases and oddly shaped, abstract sculpture? Your future designer delivery services near me should specialize in the packing, shipping and delivery of nearly anything that qualifies as art.

Peruse the packer’s list of items they ship. The list should include everything from unframed paintings and drawings to lighting fixtures, pottery, heirlooms and entire collections. Sculpture, art glass, memorabilia, antiques and textiles should also be on the list.

Certified handling with select freight companies ensures a further degree of safety and accountability. Premium art packers even oversee tarmac assistance to safeguard the removal and transport of packed art at the shipper’s and the receiver’s end.

Experience, Experience, Experience

When appraising your list of designer delivery services near me, look for a packer/shipper with decades under the belt. Priceless art packing and shipping needs way more than amateurs. Check the packer’s track record, contact them directly and definitely get a quote if possible.

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