The process of moving from one place to another can be complicated and expensive. This is especially the case when people have to leave one location before they can occupy another. In most cases, either residential or commercial, items have to moved, placed in short-term storage, and moved again to the new location when it becomes vacant. Paying movers to pack up items and bring them to a storage facility is one expense. Storage for a month or two is another expense. Hiring movers to retrieve items from storage and unload them in the new home or office costs more money.

By the time the new building is ready, inhabitants have spent a small fortune just moving and storing furniture, equipment, supplies, and personal belongings. Finding an experienced moving and storage company in Chicago will save time and money. An estimate can be provided for the total expenditures, and one bill will be presented. That eliminates the need to get estimates from the moving company and the storage facility, as well as the effort of juggling invoices. It is also beneficial to have one contact person with whom to communicate from beginning to end. Packing services prior to the move are also offered. Those who prefer to pack their own items can purchase a variety of supplies from the company.

Storage facilities are located in six different areas so customers can utilize one closest to the new location for convenience. That will shorten the amount of time it takes to get settled into the new building. That convenience also helps to cut down on mileage. Storage is provided on a month-to-month basis, so there are no contracts to sign when using a moving and storage company in Chicago. Insurance is required for the storage unit to protect contents. Those who do not have insurance that covers items off the primary property can purchase a low-cost protection plan provided by the company. Customers can get more information on the company website. People who need help deciding what size storage unit is needed can ask experienced staff for recommendations, or utilize the space calculator which is also found on the site. For more information visit Aaron Bros. Moving System Inc.

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