Snowbirds Can Take Their Cars with Them

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Transportation and Logistics

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If you are a Snowbird and go to Florida every year to avoid the cold harsh climate of New York in the winter months, then you can take your car with you. Through the use of a company that specializes in moving vehicles for their owners all around the country, you can ship a car from New York to Florida for cheaper than you think. You can enjoy the warm Florida weather and drive around it in your own car. Bring the comforts of home with you.

It Will Actually Save You Money

If you drive your own car from New York to Florida not only will you have to pay for almost 1200 miles of gas, but it can also cost you tremendously in wear and tear on the vehicles. Some older cars simply can’t make that far of a trip without some sort of issue occurring. For newer cars you don’t want to subject them to anything that may ruin the performance level that they are at currently. When you have your car shipped it is securely fastened onto a truck and the chances of your car breaking down or needing repairs is eliminated completely. When you drop off your car at a New York station it is delivered to a Florida one in the exact same condition.

It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Ship My Cars has been moving and delivering cars all across the country for 20 years now. Every attention to detail is paid and you are kept in the loop for the entirety of the trip. With updates via email, texting and phone calls you will always know exactly where your car is and when it will arrive at its destination. Please visit their website where you can get more information and a free and accurate quote.

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