Yellow Cab in Huntington Park and Your Backup Plan When Dating

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Transport

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Are you hoping to be married one day? Perhaps, you are still looking for Mr. Right. Relationships normally start off with a first date. That date can happen at a movie theater, the ballet, while going out to dinner or visiting a museum. In fact, it can happen just about anywhere. However, when you are on a date, it does not take long to decide if you want to move forward or not. For example, did you meet your last date at a fund raiser? Perhaps, you loved the way he looked in his suit. You may have even enjoyed the way he smiled. So, you hoped for the best as he gave you his number right before you got into the Yellow Cab in Huntington Park.

When you called him, he remembered you right away and was thrilled to have you on the phone. It was then that he asked you out. You may have even been excited to go. After all, you had wanted to see that movie for a long time. The problem was simple. He burped and slurped his drink all through the movie. Then he kept asking you what other movies the main actor was in. That was not a making of a good time. In fact, you were annoyed. So, why did you not call a Fiesta Taxi to pick you up? You should have.

After the date, you had to deal with the long car ride home and listen to what has happened in his life over the past seven years. Did you enjoy knowing he has been married five times, and he feels that he should have just reconnected with his old college girlfriend? However, she was busy on the night he asked you out. You could have simply avoided the entire situation by calling a Yellow Cab in Huntington Park.

The next time you go out on a date, you better have a backup plan. If things are not going right, you will simply call a Yellow Cab in Huntington Park and let the professional driver take over. The driver will pick you up, and you will enjoy the comfortable seat and being able to free your mind.


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