What To Know Before Calling Moving Companies In Jackson, MS

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Moving

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Moving doesn’t have to be challenge. It can be simple, easy and organized if you use one of the experienced, professional and customer-centered moving companies in Jackson, MS.

Finding one of these moving companies is the first order of business. It is a good idea to start talking to different moving companies in Jackson, MS as soon as moving dates are set. This allows time to get quotes, develop a plan for packing and to move and to also iron out any details for those hard to pack items.

Before calling moving companies in Jackson, MS there are some basic answers to questions you should know. This allows the moving company to get a clear picture of the move and the services they can provide to be of the most assistance.

Moving Dates and Locations

When contacting any moving companies in Jackson, MS expect to hear a question asking for the specific dates of the move. This includes the date you want to depart your current residence and the date you have possession of your new residence. This is essential as there may be a need to coordinate short term storage if the new residence or office building will not be available until a later date.

The times you need to move are also essential for the moving company to have. Apartments, condos, gated communities or neighborhoods with a Homeowners Association (HOA) may restrict moving hours.

Size of the Move

Many of the best moving companies in Jackson, MS will provide the option to give an estimate over the phone or to come to the residence or commercial building to provide an in-person estimate. The second option will be more precise for larger moves and will also help to identify any items requiring special packing care and attention.

Special Items

If there are special items such as computer equipment, electronics, artwork, breakable collections or valuable items, it is important to notify the moving company during the initial call. They can then bring the correct packing and materials to transport these items safely.

Moving companies in Jackson, MS will not move plants, animals, perishable goods or any type of flammable, corrosive or potentially dangerous items. However, they may be able to provide you with information on how to have these items shipped or moved through another option.

Talking to moving companies in Jackson, MS and having information on hand regarding the move will provide a clear picture of the services needed. This will also be essential in providing an informed estimate of the move.

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