What Is A Party Bus?

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Transport

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A decked out limo bus is commonly called a “party bus” and for good reason. These buses are available in different sizes to comfortably accommodate different sized groups. Regardless of the size, the interiors are sumptuous, often equal to or even better than the greatest limo. These busses have all the same perks that one expects in a limo but then it has other features that make it a virtual “rolling nightclub”.

Party busses are usually available from the same companies that offer St. Petersburg limousine service. The buses come complete with a driver who is comfortable in moving around town, taking his passengers to destinations that they want. It is hard to imagine a more luxurious and yet fun way of getting around when alcohol is being served.

Many party buses are absolutely full of surprises; they all have TVs, DVDs and bars but many even are fitted with microwaves, mini-kitchens and even internet. The interior lighting is reminiscent of a cool disco, not the type of thing you expect in a bus. There are some that are based on a double decked platform which can easily accommodate VIP rooms and dance floors, some of these buses can comfortably accommodate 60 or 70 people without feeling cramped. Why go anywhere else when you can party the night away in a machine like this.

Often a St. Petersburg limousine service will have smaller versions for smaller groups. Just because the platform is smaller does not mean they do not have the same amenities, they do. Regardless of the size or the number of party goers, the idea is to replicate a cool club on wheels.

You really don’t need a reason to have a party but there are many occasions and celebrations that just seem right for the idea. Important birthdays, bachelor parties and prom nights are just a few ideas but anything goes on a party bus; as long as it’s legal.

Although these decked out buses are very much set up for parties, there are many corporations who hire them as well. If the company is having a nationwide sales meeting, these busses are ideal for moving the attendees from one venue to another and in many cases they are used to take the crowd around, showing them the sights and sounds of the area.

Of course the rental rates are dependent on the size of the bus and the amenities, but if you want to lay on a fun party with no driving issues, then a party bus is ideal.

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