Tips for Choosing a Moving Company in McDonough, GA

The time may come to move a household, and this can be extremely stressful. With the help of the right Moving Company in McDonough GA, the process becomes easier. Both federal and state laws have been established to ensure consumers are protected from rogue moving companies, ones that take a person’s money and don’t do the job right. How do you go about finding one of the good companies?

The first thing a consumer should check when hiring a Moving Company in McDonough GA, is their Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. The Georgia Department of Public Safety Motor Carrier Compliance Division is the state agency that certifies movers and enforces any regulations put into place in Georgia. They make certain the moving and handling of household goods are followed at all times.

In addition, the state has guidelines in place concerning the rates that may be charged by professional movers. Consumers need to research the Maximum Rate Tariff to learn these rates. A mover without the proper licensing may not follow these regulations, and the consumer finds they have little if any protection if any property is damaged or lost.

In addition, the Department of Motor Safety maintains files on the reputations of moving companies and any complaints they have received. The Georgia Movers Association, the American Moving and Storage Association, and the Better Business Bureau all do the same. Consumers may wish to check with these organizations also, as this helps to provide a clear picture of the moving company

Require an on-site, written estimate from any moving company that may be used. Make sure to remove any items from the home that won’t be included in the move. Take a complete inventory of all items to be moved and save this list for comparison once the move is complete. Consider purchasing additional liability insurance also.

Vist our Domain offers additional tips for individuals preparing for a move. Learn all that is possible before selecting a company to handle this task. When you take the time to compare various companies, you’ll find the entire process goes along without difficulty. With numerous tasks to deal with, any help is appreciated. Make sure you make your selection carefully for this reason.

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