The Importance of Tracking

You know when you order something from one of the big websites and they offer you a tracking number? Well, you like to follow that package and watch how it makes it way to your door, right? You check in once or twice a day to see how far it got and you can check the estimated or exact date of delivery so you can be home when it arrives. It’s nice to know that your package is in good hands and it’s a really clever idea too. So, think about how that idea could be scaled up a little and applied to your fleet of vehicles. If each vehicle has a tracking device you can monitor its exact path from the start of each work day to the moment it is parked up at the depot at the end of the day.

Truck tracking offers a variety of services, depending on the system and management company you select, but effectively you can get what is known as the ‘silent passenger’ to monitor everything. GPS tracking offers on-the-spot access to a bird’s eye view of your vehicle in real time, so that you can know exactly where it is at every moment. You might see that your worker is vigilantly completing their working day to the best of their ability, or you might see them on an unscheduled truck stop having a quick burger. Either way, the efficiency of the system will give you the opportunity to check your entire fleet and know any areas and issues that need addressing.

The Passenger that Speaks but never Makes a Sound

This ‘silent passenger’ watches everything that happens on the vehicle, from where it is located at any moment of the day to when it passes into another zones—a geofence—and when it leaves one destination and arrives at another. It can increase driver and vehicle efficiency as well as increase productivity, fuel savings, wage savings and other issues of efficiency that could be addressed. The passenger monitors the movement of each vehicle, sending reports and notifications without saying a word to distract the driver. Within a few months of installing your own GPS system you will probably see a whole bunch of areas that need addressing as well as a whole bunch of savings that you are making.

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