The 5 Services Available to Customers with a Taxi In Minneapolis

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Transportation

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Some taxi companies are happy getting customers from one location to the next and doing little else. Though this is certainly at the heart of what a company does, it should not be everything.

Fortunately, Yellow Cab Taxi In Minneapolis has a full string of excellent services available to any type of customer. Below are the main ones worth noting and taking advantage of.

1. Corporate Accounts

A taxi trip may not be an isolated thing. Many employees take taxis to work every morning, and clients of major businesses travel throughout the city for business and pleasure. Established corporate accounts confirm that any cost procured by specific clients and employees is billed directly through the account. This alleviates the frustration of corporations juggling multiple account requests and billing by consolidating account information. Over 1,300 active corporate accounts are serviced right now in Minneapolis.

2. On Demand Wheelchair Service

One would be surprised by how few taxi companies supply an on demand wheelchair taxi service. Call 24/7 and find a wheelchair accessible van moments away. Yes, this is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week- the only full access wheelchair option in the metro area.


This unique service allows customers to pay ahead of time. By using pre-paid accounts, customers can have their card scanned and avoid the inconvenience of shuffling for cash or their debit card. It also removes micro-transactions caused by constant Taxi In Minneapolis trips. It is a surprise to find so few companies embracing this idea, but Yellow Cab continues standing on the cutting edge of convenience.

4. Pre-Arranged Airport Taxi Service

Yellow Cab constantly has taxis circling the local airport. This means that a customer can call from the baggage claim area and have a taxi awaiting within 3-5 minutes. This immediate on demand service is genuinely unrivaled.

5. Real 24/7 365 Days a Year Service

Need a ride to the Christmas party? Working a double for Thanksgiving? Stuck in the middle of some random spot in the city on Sunday at 2am? A Taxi In Minneapolis offers legitimate, unrestrained service at every moment of the year. This is not some marketing promise by an assurance from the large corporate office upstairs.

Regardless of the time of day or night, those needing the assistance of a Taxi service can rest assured there is a company they can count on. With the highest level of comfort and convenience, travelers always have a taxi waiting only a call or click away.


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