The Duties of an Executive Chauffeur

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Transportation, Transportation & Logistics

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An executive chauffeur is an individual who is responsible for transporting company executives and other dignitaries. Normally the executive wants to be taken in a timely manner to a business meeting, a social function or a restaurant where he or she will usually conduct a more leisurely meeting. These drivers are professionals; they often work for a company direct, a private person or drive a Boston corporate Limo. The executive chauffeur not only takes his passengers to and from specific venues, the driver may be called upon to run errands or help with luggage retrieval if he is picking up a passenger at Logan Airport in Boston.

Many chauffeurs who drive a Boston MA corporate limo are hired for their skills other than driving. Many firms will specifically seek drivers who are multi-lingual as this helps considerably when they are ferrying foreign businessmen and dignitaries. As most chauffeurs are well dressed, articulate and professional in the carriage, they often act as interpreters for the clients as well. The large limo firms also have staff members who have a background in law enforcement and in the event the dignitary requires a bodyguard, this individual is ideally suited.

Most firms that have executive chauffeurs on staff are very selective in the hiring process. Rarely will you see a chauffeur of this caliber that is under the age of 35. Part of the hiring process is a very carefully screening for any drug or alcohol related offenses and a full character background check will be carried out.

The drivers that are eventually selected for these tasks invariably have great people skills; they are articulate, interesting and able to interact with all different types of people. Of course they will be subjected to stress during the day, they too must handle grid lock traffic but they must remain calm, cool and collected. It is extremely important that they observe punctuality down to the minute as many of their clients are on tight schedules. As they are often asked to wait for a meeting to be over or for their client to finish a meal, they must be able to show a great deal of patience.

A busy executive will often engage a Boston corporate Limo to see to it that his family is taken where they need to be, it could be dropping the children at school or the executives wife at her desired destination.


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