How to Take a Cab in Manhattan Beach

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Transportation & Logistics

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A cab is a convenient way to get from place to place when you don’t have a personal vehicle or you prefer not to drive it. There are a few things you need to know when you want to take a Cab in Manhattan Beach.

How to Call a Cab

There are four ways to order cab service. The traditional way to order a cab is to call the taxi service directly. The operator will take your name, your location and your destination and dispatch it to the next available cab in your area. You can also order a cab online. If you are near a computer, you can request a cab by visiting the cab company’s website. Another option that is useful if you frequently use cab service is a smartphone cab service application. If you are not near a computer and only have a basic cell phone, you can order a cab by sending a text message with your location.

Communicating With Your Driver

When your cab arrives, check the cab for the driver’s identification and get into the back seat. Though you may have told the dispatcher or entered your destination into the booking application, be sure to tell your driver where you are going. If your driver doesn’t seem to understand English very well, speak slowly and clearly. Conversations between a cab driver and passenger are acceptable as long as both people are interested in talking. It is also acceptable to decline casual conversation when you ride in a Cab in Manhattan Beach.


Most passengers tip their taxi drivers. An appropriate tip is anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the total fare. Tipping is not required and you shouldn’t feel obligated to give your driver a tip. Some Yellow Cab Service drivers are especially helpful and will make an extra effort to get you close to the building when the weather is bad or even help with your bags if you take a Cab in Manhattan Beach to go shopping. Giving the driver a tip is a way to say thank you for exceptional service.

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