Moving is Hectic. These Are a Few Things Many People Forget During a Move

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Moving & Storage Service

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Many of us aren’t multitaskers, so we need our notebooks filled with lists of boxes, schedules, and things to do before the move. Despite this, we’ll forget something. You’ve got this list, though, so you’ll fly through this move like a boss.

Outside Belongings

It’s chaotic packing for local moving in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You’re gathering belongings to donate, sell, or give to family and friends. It’s easy to forget belongings in storage units, gym lockers, country club lockers, and yachting club lockers. Don’t forget belongings you keep at Mom and Dad’s house. Remember to pick up the dry cleaning, shoe repair, and items a tailor is repairing.

It’s also easy to forget to pack items in the backyard shed, the garage, and the lawn furniture. These belongings are outdoors, and you’re concentrating on packing out the indoors. Remember to pack out these as well.

Inside Belongings

People using local moving in Fort Lauderdale, FL often forget to take along the power pack to the computer or laptop as well as phone chargers. Most people are on both right up until the truck backs up to the door, so this is understandable.

If you’ve tucked away anything valuable so you won’t forget where it is, it’s time to remember now where you tucked it. If your safe is secreted behind a portion of wall, beneath an air register, or in the floor, don’t forget to retrieve it. Ciao Moving & Storage has more moving tips. Just contact us at, and we’ll be happy to help with your moving needs.

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