Four Things to Look for in New Haven Connecticut Local Movers

So, you need to move and suddenly all of your friends have gotten busy or fallen suspiciously ill? Very few people actually enjoy moving, and depending on your friends, promising beer and pizza, won’t always get you the help you need. Maybe it will convince your buddies to help out, but your furniture might not make it to your new house in one piece. That’s what professional movers are for. They specialize in moving your belongings safely from one place to the next. They do it quickly, efficiently, and safely. That is, some of them do. Some of them aren’t nearly so reliable. So, what should you look for when you want to move are New Haven Connecticut local movers. They come in every variety from the good to the bad to the ugly. Here’s how to pick.

1. Full Time

Does the moving company employ only full time employees, only part time employees, or a combination of both? Why are full time employees better? Those who work their entire careers as movers have the expertise and experience to move you safely to your new residence. Part timers don’t have much invested in doing a good job, nor do they always have the skills necessary to even do that job.

2. Pricing

Does the company charge a flat rate or hourly? Flat rate might seem appealing at first, but these are so often inflated to cover any occurrence that you end up paying way more than you should have to. A fair hourly rate is preferable so that small jobs cost less than big jobs and you don’t end up paying too much. The danger with an hourly rate is whether or not the movers are working the entire time. Good local movers do not charge for the times they take breaks.

3. Estimates

Does the company you’re looking into provide free estimates? Some companies want to charge for estimates or just promise that you will get a good rate if you trust them. Do not trust them. A free estimate isn’t an ironclad contract and the price can change, but you know about what you should expect to pay. You should not have to pay to know how much you might have to pay in the future.

4. Protection

You should consider whether or not the company promises to protect your furniture, handrails, and staircases. Many will promise to protect glass and glassware, but that wood and drywall can be damaged as well. Good local movers will wrap your furniture in protective blankets as well as lay out moving blankets to protect hardwood floors. That way you know your belongings will look just as good as when they left the house. Also, you can feel confident the house you’re leaving will look as good as it can. Visit us to know more.

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