How to Treat Your Moving Company in Ottawa

Some people wonder whether they should tip the mover they’ve hired, and if so, how much. Good movers should always be rewarded for their excellent service and tipping is not the only way to do that. According to a survey by Apartment Guide regarding typical tipping behavior, almost three quarters of responders (3 out of 4 people) do show their appreciation by tipping their professional movers. Of course, you should only tip if you are pleased with the service. If you are planning on hiring movers, keep the following suggestions on how to treat them right in mind.

Provide Refreshments

It’s a nice gesture to provide cold drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, or even hot coffee – whatever refreshments are suitable for the weather (all non-alcoholic of course). If the move takes a while and continues over the lunch period, you can provide sandwiches and some quick snacks the movers can eat while on the move. Movers will appreciate the kind gesture.

How Much?

So how much should you tip? Generally, if you are dealing with only one or two movers, tip between $60-70, splitting the tip between the two. If there’s only one mover, tip $30 per person. You might also inquire about the tipping policy and protocol of the moving company. Additionally, if the move involves several flights of stairs, lifting very heavy furniture or any other difficulties, you should increase the amount of the tip.

If the service you received was absolutely amazing, you can really tip up to a $100. But the movers truly need to go above and beyond, be really good, very helpful and professional, taking the time to attend to fragile items, for example.

When Not to Tip

Of course, if the service is subpar, the movers are rude and/or treat your items carelessly – the tip should be zero. And keep in mind – tipping is, after all, optional. While movers certainly appreciate when they get a little something extra for a job well-done, it is ultimately the customer’s decision. When working with a Gerry’s Moving moving company, Ottawa residents should make that decision for themselves.


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