Nationally-Known Chain Movers Vs Local Movers in Manhattan

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Moving

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When planning a move, homeowners are often faced with the difficult task of choosing between nationally-known chains and a local moving company. There are advantages in each case. Local movers in Manhattan however are better suited for most residential moves. It is important to consider the variables such as pricing, customer service and reputation to be able to reach a good decision on which way you would like to go.

Pricing is a major factor that differentiates local movers from big chain moving companies. Local moving services are often cheaper. This is because they have lower overheads as they often don’t require national headquarters, customer service call centers or expensive advertising campaigns. Therefore, you will be able to get a better deal from a small moving company. They are affordable especially for people working on a tight budget. It is also easier to negotiate the price with a local moving company.

Customer service is another consideration to keep in mind when choosing between national moving companies and local movers. This is especially important since you want any problems relating to the moving service resolved as quickly as possible. The big companies have customer-service hotlines that often run round the clock. Even so, such companies are not necessarily efficient in dealing with customer grievances simply because of the bulk of business they handle on a day-to-day basis. Since local moving companies deal with a relatively small number of clients, they are better able to offer personal attention to all their clients.

Lastly, you are likely to see more customer reviews for large moving companies when searching the internet for the company’s reputation. You however need to keep in mind that these reviews come from all over the country. This therefore means that you will not be working with the same staff as other customers. It becomes difficult to guarantee efficiency, professionalism and promptness in this case. With a local moving company however, you are likely to be dealing with the same crew which makes it easier to ascertain the aforementioned things. By objectively comparing the two options, you are likely to gain more benefits from local movers in Manhattan, particularly when you are looking at basic residential moving.


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