How to Store Your Art

When you need to store art, you have a decision on your hands. Do you want to tuck it away in the attic, or do you want to pay money and hire a service that handles art storage in Los Angeles to take care of it for you? It’s tempting to simply tuck it away; there’s no cost to you, and it’s more convenient. If the art is of any quality or value, however, that would be an absolutely disastrous decision. There are a multitude of reasons why you should go with a proper art storage facility.

Trained Handlers

At the facility, there will be handlers who have been meticulously trained in dealing with art like yours. They will protect it, handle it properly, and make sure no harm comes to it. Such handlers are an invaluable tool in making sure that art stays safe while in storage.

Climate Control

Art can be extremely delicate, and easy to damage. Something as simple as a change in humidity or a spike in temperature could warp a painting or damage a sculpture. If a leak springs in your basement or roof, and the artwork is nearby, then that could be even worse. Water damage is almost impossible to reverse.


If the artwork is in your home, it has a potential to be stolen. Also, if the artwork is in your home, there’s a potential that your home will be broken into specifically to steal the artwork. Storing your art at a facility deals with both of these problems, putting the danger far from you, and keeping your art safe behind state-of-the-art security technology.


Since these facilities deal with many pieces of artwork valuing well into the millions, they have to be very well organized and regulated. Every piece is labeled in the system, cameras are everywhere, and there is a photo inventory of every piece. There is absolutely no chance that your art could ever be lost.


Part of the cost that you pay when you pay for art storage is the cost of insurance. If, despite all of these advantages, something does happen, you will still be protected from the financial hit, since art storage facilities will insure paintings well into the millions.

When it comes down to it, it isn’t really even a choice. If you need to store art, there is no excuse to do anything except hire an effective art storage facility. If you don’t, you could be damaging your art yourself. For the more information visit Art Pack.

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