How Not to Damage the Floors When Short Distance Moving in Bonita Springs FL

Long distance moving is obviously expensive and ambitious, but many individuals underestimate the costs and pains of short distance moving in Bonita Springs FL. It can be just as challenging, especially when movers still need to pack everything up and relocate it, whether it’s five miles or 5,000.

Short distance or long distance, the furniture still has to go. This means moving the furniture out of the home and into a new one without smashing a hole in the wall or having a leg fall off. Easier said than done.

The Wood Floor

Perhaps the most vulnerable (and the most likely) area that can take a hit is the floor. The wood floor is almost certainly expensive and it is definitely vulnerable to scratches, marks, and everything in between.

There are hundreds of ways to damage the floor when it comes to a move, and it doesn’t take much. Many types of wood, such as bamboo, are surprisingly vulnerable to scratches and drips. It can only take about 60 seconds of water on a wood floor for it to have a lasting impression. Stains are also common. Wine will leave deep and warped stains in the wood.

Professional Movers

In regards to furniture, the damage is more grating. A metal part from a bed frame will leave deep indentations that can’t be resolved with chemicals, like a wine spill. Dragging furniture is the worst thing anyone can do. Unfortunately, due to weight and bulkiness, it is sometimes a necessity.
Professional short distance moving in Bonita Springs FL will assure the protection of the surface. Not only are they equipped and experienced enough to handle the load, they can navigate tight corners with teamwork and communication. It is not all about pure strength.

It also isn’t about saving a buck, especially when a friend or family member can’t assure that the wood floor will remain intact and how they left it. Movers will delicately lighten the load if need be by removing parts. They can use gliders and other tools to avoid floor contact.

Browse our website for more details on moving bulk items. Keep the wood floor from the old home intact, and don’t damage the new wood floor on day one. Get a service that knows how to work around the home properly and safely.

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