Five Tips to Use When Looking for Tulsa Moving Services

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Transportation & Logistics

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Whether you are relocating across the country or across the street, moving is one very hectic activity. You might have thought of pooling your friends and family to help you with the move. However, this is not advisable because your volunteers might not have any professional experience and might therefore damage your property. Moving requires lifting heavy objects, and you and your friends might hurt yourselves doing this. It is therefore important to engage Tulsa Moving Services for a hassle free move! Here are five tips to guide you in choosing a moving company

Hire a mover with an established track record

Most businesses have their profiles online. Therefore, you can go through the reviews from people who have used these movers. You could also go a step further and contact several of the reviewers and get to hear first-hand about their experience.

Get the cost estimate in person

Once you have identified a potential mover, let the company come down to your house or business and evaluate what needs to be moved and if there are things that need special packaging. From these factors, the movers will be able to come up with the cost estimate for the move.

Ensure you estimate is binding

Once a mover comes to your premises, does an evaluation, and gives you a binding estimate, then he cannot add to that cost unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Ten percent is the most he can increase the cost by and anything above that has to be negotiated.

Know if you are dealing with movers or brokers

There are a lot of middle men in the moving business, and you should get clear information if the people you are dealing with are the ones who will do the loading and moving, or they are front men for the real movers. If you deal with brokers, the cost is likely to be higher so ensure you use the real movers.

Be clear on when you expect you stuff delivered but be flexible too.

Agree with the movers on when to deliver the goods, but also be a little flexible.

Finally, after you have considered all the above, you can Contact NAL Movers and make your move convenient and hassle free. When dealing with professional Tulsa Moving Services, your items are covered by insurance in case of damage, and all you need to do is relax and enjoy your move.

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