Finding The Right Moving Company in New Jersey

I Moved in Jersey and survived to tell:
well before i start telling you how fascinating it is to find trusted NJ moving companies i’ll give you some background, im almost 50 with two not-so-willing-to-help teenagers at home and a ton of stuff that accumulated over the past 7 years that we’ve been living in the same house.

its no secret that living in New Jersey is expensive and especially in Jersey City where ive lived since i was a kid. a lifetime is a long enough time to see its ups and downs and downs and ups again and who knows what comes next. now when this city has a crazy hype and it attracts anyone thats willing to spend their 6000 spare dollars on rent every month, local businesses feel that this is their golden age and they all charge top dollar from one another. the landlords overcharge the businesses that overcharge the residents while most of the NJ moving companies overcharge all of us. don’t get me wrong there are many companies in town but all the movers Jersey city has to offer seem to be matching rates with each other in order to make sure that the hen wont stop laying golden eggs. when the NJ moving companies start crossing bridges and tunnels to and from Manhattan the rates get even higher.

so.. then i yelled to myself , gevold! is there still a way to save money when moving in Jersey city without surrendering to the system?? and the answer i came up with was no!! i’m in no shape to move our house myself. We`re not talking about a stinky and sticky college studio anymore and convincing my friends to help us move nowadays, will take way more than just pizza and beer. The response ill get will probably be “my wife says we are skiing in Hawaii next week” or probably even “dude its a wrong number, Ben doesn’t live here anymore” and i`ll be like “than how do you know that i called for Ben?” and he will be like “ughh, Stacey , they got on us”. and knowing my kids.. well forget about it, im not even going into that. did i yell gevold! already?

and then my sister sent me a link to this online planner that saved my life and gave me hope, really! without exaggerating it was better then the fun i had in college and even better then the day when i met my wife! well.. ok.. so maybe im exaggerating just a little bit.. its called it connects you with local NJ moving companies that are picked based on the distance between your home and their location. within minutes, i received emails and calls from a number of companies, and what do you know , they had reasonable rates! They all suggested that i meet with an onsite estimator in order to get a clear idea of my upcoming cost. long story short, this website also offered to act as a full time planner, advise on other things that i need to do before and after the move, and send me reminders when the time to act comes. they screen all these moving companies and other contractors before they can offer their services through the website. so far it has connected me with the best contractors and i couldn’t be more happy with the risk and headache it takes away. my wife is a little bit jealous about the relationship that i’ve developed with it but i’m sure that the mother’s day gift that i got her will help her live with it in peace!

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