How to Improve Your Freight Charges

Customers are naturally worried that freight charges may escalate out of control when they consider long-term planning. What can you do to alleviate these concerns and how can you improve your freight charges and help your customers understand freight expenditures?

From the Customer’s Point of View

When you deeply understand your customer internal structure, you will find out how important are freight charges on the total weighted costs of a company. Typically, most retailers and wholesalers depend on competitive freight costs, to be competitive with their product on the marketplace. As your freight rates change, you are causing a dramatic effect on their profit margins and the prices they can charge. How can your creativity master your customer’s continued choice of your business as their regular freighting company?

Being Prepared Is Vital

When customers ask you for freight estimates, you can clearly help their supply chain flow by providing an instant estimate so that they can make urgent choices regarding stock and availability of their products. Always ask your customers to provide you with details information about their shipments needs, regarding timing and costs, so that you can creatively find the most effective solution for their problem, like recommending rail vs truckload, or partial vs common carrier LTL. When they trust that you are working to help their business run smoothly, they are more likely to come back to you for help, becoming a long term relationship.

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