5 Signs You’re Dealing with Rogue Movers

It can be a bit overwhelming to hire Pasadena movers for the first time. One of the first things you’ll need to know is how to spot a bad mover. Here are signs to look out for so you can steer clear of a few bad apples.

Lowball offers

It’s common practice for sketchy companies to send out lowball offers. But it’s a ruse to win over clients, U.S. News says. Once you’ve signed the contract, though, that’s when they’ll start billing you a ton of extras and fees. Don’t fall for that lowball offer so you won’t get overcharged.

Huge deposit

It’s all right for a moving firm to ask for a deposit. But if the company insists on asking for more than twenty percent of your total bill, then that’s a bad sign. You’ll want to consider other companies instead.

Little to no info

Reputable Pasadena movers go to great lengths to provide you with as much information as you need. That means their sites are full of helpful tips as well as details about the company. If you can’t find any information about the firm, and if it’s contact details aren’t displayed on the site, that could be a red flashing sign. Look elsewhere.

Phone quotes

Moving firms often send a representative to the client’s home to assess moving conditions and check on the items that need to be moved. If the firm gives an estimate over the phone, without even seeing your home, that’s a cause for concern. You may be paying for a dodgy moving service and not know it.


If the moving team arrives late in an unmarked truck or van, that’s an indication that you’re dealing with a rogue mover. Spare yourself the stress by turning them away and hiring someone else.

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