What Types of Equipment Are Used for Heavy Duty Recovery in Lumberton?

If your trailer, SUV or truck is stuck in a ditch or a muddy field, don’t attempt to tow it yourself. Although some vehicles are equipped with the tools for heavy duty recovery in Lumberton, you will need to hire a professional if you want the job done properly. Heavy duty recovery in Lumberton will be suitable for vehicles that are too large to be removed with standard light towing services. A company that provides services like this will be able to tow wrecks or vehicles that have broken down on private property or public roads. To help you understand a little more about heavy duty recovery in Lumberton, discover the necessary types of equipment for this job.

Load-Distributing Hitch

The vehicle’s center of gravity will be moved to the back of the truck when it is towing a large load; therefore a load-distributing hitch is necessary to prevent too much pressure from being applied at the rear. Heavy duty recovery in Lumberton would not be possible without a load-distributing hitch because if this piece of equipment is not fitted on the truck, there is a high chance of a collision. A reliable company will inform the customer about this at the very beginning and if they do not, you should not hesitate to ask them yourself.


Most companies that provide heavy duty recovery in Lumberton will work at all hours to satisfy their customers. Because of this, they need their vehicles to be equipped with proper lighting so that they can see clearly when recovering vehicles in the dark. Electrical upgrades are essential for the job to be done quickly and properly. Number plate lights, brake lights, indicators and marker lights are just some examples of the types of lighting that a towing truck must be designed with.

Transmission Cooler

The final piece of equipment to focus on when getting heavy duty recovery in Lumberton is the transmission cooler. When a heavy vehicle is being pulled out of a ditch or along a stretch of road, the transmission will be faced with a lot of pressure and as this pressure increases, problems occur. If this pressure build up, the component may get too hot and the vehicle will not work at all. Transmission upgrades will stop the transmission fluid from getting too hot and as a result, there is a lower chance of the tow truck breaking down.

You should not hesitate to get heavy duty recovery in Lumberton, because if you leave a vehicle unattended for long periods of time, thieves will prey on it. It is not just the equipment you should focus on when you hire a professional to transport your vehicle but also, the insurance coverage, the licenses and the background experience. To learn about 24-hour towing services and to get quotes contact Spanky’s Wrecker Service.


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