What to Expect from a Freight Forwarding Company

When shipping freight internationally, it is important that you have a freight forwarding company to handle the logistics of getting this cargo from point A to point B. Without an experienced company leading the way, you could end up wasting time and money as you attempt to ship your cargo. Before settling on a specific organization to handle this job for you, it is a good idea to learn about what each company has to offer and choose the one that will do the most for you.

Extra Care

The company that you choose should take extra care with your merchandise, especially if it is easily breakable. For example, if you are in the business of exporting automobiles, each piece is worth thousands of dollars and will depreciate in value if it is scratched or dented. Therefore, you should always look for companies that know how to treat these items and will do everything in their power to prevent damage from occurring along the way. If you ship anything that is fragile, ask about the company’s experience with shipping similar items before agreeing to have it ship for you.

Past Clientele

Most shipping companies have a list of past clientele who you can contact to ask about the service that they received. If a company is unwilling or unable to provide you with this list, it could act as a red flag. In some cases, it means that the company has not been around for long enough to develop such a list, while in other cases it could be a company policy to avoid giving out this type of information. The majority of the time, however, it means that the company has not established great relationships with its clients.

Services Offered

Some companies have catchy names, but do not live up to the hype. Before signing up for a service, ask about the services offered by that particular freight forwarding company in Hawaii. Companies have a wide variety of services offered, so it is always smart to ask about specifics to see if the company will work for you. It is much easier to get this information beforehand than it is to find out on the day of your shipment.

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