What Kind Of Indoor Storage Supplies Is Right For Short-Term Storage?

The new home will be ready in a couple of months, but the owner has to vacate the current property in a couple of weeks. That means furnishings and other belongings must be stored in the interim. With the right type of Indoor Storage Supplies, everything will be safe and secure for the weeks in between. Here are some ideas of what type of supplies to purchase.

Sturdy Packing Cases

One of the more important Indoor Storage Supplies that the client needs is packing cases in several different sizes. Make sure the cases are constructed to retain their shape even if some of the packed items are a little heavy. For example, a reinforced box with a protective coating will provide the ideal means of storing fragile items like china. Consider investing in inserts that make it easier to arrange and cushion those fragile pieces. Ideally, the boxes should be sturdy enough that they can be stacked without harming any of the contents. Doing so will make it easier to utilize the vertical space in the storage unit to better effect.

Padding and Fillers

Some type of wrap will do the trick for larger pieces. Smaller pieces that fit into boxes can be protected with the use of different types of filler, included shredded paper or some type of synthetic chips. The goal is to ensure the items are not likely to shift during storage or transport.

Packing Tape

Every box needs to be sealed with packing tape. The tape helps to add stability, a feature that is important when several boxes will be stacked in order to conserve space. Use a tape that is designed to adhere to the box material with ease.


Labeling the outside of each box will prove helpful when the items are taken out of storage and transported to the final destination. Using a marker is the easiest way to manage the task. Remember to use the marker on at least two sides of each box. That increases the odds of being able to quickly determine what is in the box and which room it needs to go to.

When the plan is to empty the current home before the new place is ready, visit Rochesterindoorstorageunits.com and take a look at the units available. It will not take long to find one that is ideal for short-term use. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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