Unique Attributes Of Moving Companies In Charlotte

by | May 12, 2015 | Transportation & Logistics

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As a homeowner, and particularly if you have moved more than a couple of times, you may have the impression all moving companies in Charlotte are alike. However, with just a bit of browsing online and a few calls, you will quickly discover the various unique attributes, features and options offered by the top relocation services in the city.

The reality is most homeowners tend to choose a moving company based on a recommendation from a friend, family member or co-worker. While this is a good option, and a personal reference is always a big plus, it doesn’t mean these are the only companies to consider. Comparing different moving companies in Charlotte may be just the ticket in finding the perfect match for your moving needs.

Greener Movers
There are a few top moving companies in Charlotte which have made significant strides in providing greener moving services. This includes focusing in on sustainable practices and options in their moving services.

For example, one of the top moving companies in Charlotte has elected to reduce their use of paper, transforming the old style of paper and file storage to completely web-based processes, limited the amount of office paper used by 90%.

To further this effort a few of the moving companies in Charlotte offer recycling service. There are moving companies out there recycling paper and cardboard as well as using crates rather than boxes for specific types of moving services.

Professionals on the Job
When professionalism and care in moving the contents of the home is a priority, it is essential to confirm professionals will be handling all aspects of the relocation. This starts with the packing team if you are using this service, and goes through to the team unloading the truck and unpacking at your destination.

If you are moving within or close to the city, it is very likely the same team may handle both loading and unloading. However, for long distance moves it is important to confirm it will be movers employed by moving companies in Charlotte handling the unloading, not day laborers hired without any screening or training.

Customer Care
Along with professionalism and pride in a job well done, top moving companies in Charlotte focus in on custom care in all aspects of the move. This starts with your first phone contact with the company and ends when your belongings are in your new home.

Finding the right match for your needs in moving companies in Charlotte isn’t difficult. Just be sure to contact the companies offering the services you need and compare the options, features, and services provided.

As one of the top moving companies in Charlotte, Armstrong Relocation offers a wide range of services, options and top customer service with every move.

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