Selections to Make During Reservations for Island Transport in Maui

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Transportation

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Island transport takes people from one location in Maui to another within the vicinity. Whether a rider plans on getting picked up or dropped off, there are specific selections to make to ensure the ride is worthwhile. Island Transport in Maui requires prior reservations with selections in place before anyone is taken to their destination.

One Way or Round-trip

Each person booking their ride needs to decide if they are going one way only or will require a round-trip reservation. When one way gets selected, the driver brings the rider to one location only. That person gets dropped off and is responsible for finding their own way back or booking yet another car for later. A round-trip reservation ensures a traveler gets dropped off at their location and picked up again later when the time is right.

Number of Bags

Everyone is allowed two bags per ride. If more are needed, there is an extra cost involved since the driver has to know how much space is required for all the luggage. The driver needs to know how many bags the service will be responsible for helping to load or carry.

Number of Travelers

To provide adequate seating for all passengers, the number of travelers needs to be disclosed at the time of booking. The driver may arrive in the wrong size of vehicle if he or she does not know there is more than one person coming along for the ride. Vehicles are available for up to 20 total passengers when needed.

Car Seat(s)

Many people travel with their family. If they do not have a car seat of their own to bring, the transport company may be able to provide one. Disclose the number of car seats required at the time of booking so the driver knows how many to install. All children under five should have a car seat while traveling.

Island Transport in Maui ensures tourists and residents alike can are taken to and from any destinations they have for the day. Before reserving a driver, though, several selections need to be made so adequate transportation and space are provided. Anyone hoping to book a car soon should visit the website for SpeediShuttle Hawaii to make their selections now.

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