Private Aircraft Services VS Owning a Plane

by | Feb 23, 2013 | Air Transport

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High-ranking members of successful corporations often require specialized means of transportation in order to perform their duties with convenience and comfort. Having access to a private aircraft of some sort is often a necessity. However, deciding how to go about acquiring a plane to use for your own purposes can occasionally be somewhat problematic. This is because there are two basic options for those in need of their own personal business aircraft, as one can either purchase a plane outright or look for private aircraft services that are already equipped with all the things they require. For several reasons, chartering a private plane is widely considered to be the more sensible course of action.

Even highly successful and wealthy individuals must think about their financial stability and avoid overspending in ways that could potentially cause them harm in the future. In the case of owning a private aircraft, it’s generally agreed that the costs aren’t worth the potential benefits for most people. It’s not a matter of making a simple, one-time investment at all. When you buy a plane, there will be a multitude of ongoing expenses to think about. The aircraft itself can cost anywhere between three and 50 million dollars, depending on the size and design of the vehicle you want. Once that’s taken care of, you also need to have a space in which to store your plane when it’s not in use.

Owning a private aircraft instead of choosing a chartering service also means you’ll have to assemble your own crew. These people, in turn, will need to carry all necessary qualifications in order to work for you, and assembling such a team of experts is highly expensive in itself. After that comes the issue of fuel. Despite their small size, private jets consume fuel at a shockingly high rate. This means that if travel comprises a large portion of your business activities, you’ll be constantly spending money just to keep the tank full at all times. In some parts of the world, the law requires people with private aircraft to pay for regular maintenance as well.

Furthermore, owning your own jet means you’ll be less likely to be able to afford luxuries such as onboard meals, which you might want to have at your disposal for particularly long flights and occasions when guests may be accompanying you. Private aircraft services provide you with virtually all the benefits of owning your own plane, yet they allow you to avoid most of the disadvantages outlined above. They’re affordable, easy to locate and you can pick between numerous prospects at your leisure.

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