Packing For International Movers Overseas Shipping In Seattle

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Moving

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Packing for an overseas international relocation is more complicated than packing to move throughout the United States. It is also more challenging than moving from Seattle either north to Canada or south to Mexico, although there are important factors to consider when moving to these neighboring countries as well.

Moving internationally requires an understanding of what can be brought into another country, what the taxes may be and even what documents will be required to move the contents of your household through customs.

It will be critical to work with experienced international movers for your relocation. These companies will be able to provide you with all the information, support and additional help you may need with this often very complex event.

Even packing can be difficult. By choosing international movers overseas shipping, you can alleviate the difficulty and prevent very real issues with bringing your items into the destination country.

What to Take

In most cases, all international movers will ship items by sea, but it is also possible to have your cargo shipped by air. This is a very costly process, so it is not as commonly used.

The weight of the loaded container needs to be considered. Packing as light as possible and buying heavy or bulking items when you arrive is typically more cost effective.

What Not to Take

As with any type of move, there are some items that will be prohibited by the movers. These tend to include items that are flammable, hazardous or otherwise dangerous. There may also be restrictions as to what can be brought into the country.

Talking with a Seattle international moving company like Jordan River Moving & Storage will allow you to have a complete understanding of what is restricted or prohibited. They will also make you aware of what documents you may need to show to bring your items into a country and what you can expect at customs and with the moving services at your destination.

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