Need More Household Storage Space? Storage Facilities in MB can Provide It

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Storage

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Many families outgrow their homes, but can’t afford to move to a larger home or build an addition. Storage Facilities in MB can help a cramped family find the space they need for their belongings. The first step is for the family to decide which items will be stored. For many families this means storing seasonal clothing, sports equipment or holiday decorations. Other people have extensive collections that no longer fit in their home. However, they may not know how to determine which storage space is appropriate for them. Employees at St. Anne’s Self Storage can help customers determine which size and type of storage unit is best for them.

Families that will be storing art pieces or clothing will need a climate-controlled unit. Gardeners that need to store their gardening equipment can usually opt for a unit without that feature. They can also bring in shelving and racks to help organize their items so that they are easily found. Storage Facilities in MB sell all of the moving supplies that are needed to ensure that the move goes quickly and items aren’t broken. They are also suitable for storing items in the storage unit. A 16-foot moving truck is also available free of charge for people transporting items from local addresses. Customers will be able to access their items at any time.

They can also rest easy that their items are secure. The entire area is surrounded by a security fence that is augmented with a sophisticated surveillance camera and alarm system. Only the owners of a specific storage locker have access to it. When compared to the cost of an addition, these units are a cost effective storage solution. Six different sizes are available ranging from the smallest at 5 feet by 5 feet to the largest size of 10 feet by 20 feet. The monthly rental fee for the smaller units begin at $79 CAD and extend up to $290 CAD for the largest unit. There is no deposit fee and long-term contracts are not required. Therefore a customer only has to rent the space for the specific amount of time it is needed.

Storage Facilities in MB

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