Jewelry Packing Advice From the Best Moving Companies in Minneapolis

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Moving

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It is common for most consumers when moving to a new home to focus on the larger things. Packing appliances, clothes, and furniture, are at that top of the list. However, many of them fail to take the time to properly pack their most prized possessions which could end up costing emotionally and financially. Whether you have small trinkets passed down from family members or gold and diamond jewelry, it is imperative to pack it properly before the move. Below are a few tips from the Best Moving Companies in Minneapolis on how to best pack your jewelry.

Protecting Those Things Most Important

Even if you have movers insurance, there are some things you may not want to leave in the hands of others. When it comes to very expensive, unique, or memorable jewelry, it is always best to pack it and take it with you. This prevents the possibility of the jewelry becoming damaged during the move.

Jewelry Box

One great suggestion for packing up all of your jewelry and trinkets is to place them inside of a jewelry box. Once you have placed all of the jewlery in the box, you will need to get some bubble wrap and packaging tape and seal the box closed. This will ensure that none of the jewelry falls out of the box, and also that the box does not become damaged during the move.

Small Plastic Bags

Another idea for transporting your jewelry is to purchase some small plastic bags. You can untangle all of your jewelry and place each of them inside of these individual bags. This will keep them from tangling, and make them easier to sort through later. Once you’ve individually bagged all of your jewelry, you can place them inside of your jewlery box, or in a larger plastic bag for safe keeping.

Tackle Box

While this may sound strange, another method for keeping all of your jewlery safe during the move is to use a Fisherman tackle box. These boxes are very sturdy and often have various sized compartments. This makes them a great solution for storing jewelry. Once finished make sure to lock the tackle box completely.

These three tips are suggested by some of the Best Moving Comapnies in Minneapolis. Keeping your jewelry safe during the move should also be put at the top of the list. For more information, visit website domain.

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