How to Choose the Right Truck Repair Provider

Heavy-duty trucks and similar vehicles play a role in many different industries, from shipping and logistics to construction to tourism. However, they’re subject to the same issues as consumer vehicles. That is, they can break down, leaving drivers and passengers stranded on a New Jersey highway somewhere. When an emergency strikes, you need to ensure that you can contact the right truck repair company. How do you do that?

The Tools for the Job

First and foremost, a heavy-duty truck service provider should have the right tools for the job. The chances are good that if your truck has broken down, it will need to be towed to the repair shop, which requires specialized equipment. Look for a company that has the equipment necessary to handle larger trucks, trailers, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Fabrication Capabilities

While many times a repair may need nothing more than a bolt-on part, there are instances in which you might have to get a bit creative. There may not be a replacement for custom pieces. Exterior damage may not be repairable with bolt-on parts. In these instances and many others, custom fabrication capabilities play a vital role. Make sure that the truck repair company you choose can fabricate virtually anything necessary (along with custom welding services).


How long has the repair company been in business? While there might not be anything wrong with choosing a new company, working with one that’s been around for three or four decades is always a good option. That length of history proves that the company is doing something right for its customers.


Make sure that the company you choose is fully credentialed. They shouldn’t be shy about proving licensure and insurance, either. Look for the company’s federal DoT ID number, their license number, insurance certificate, and New Jersey Turnpike authorization, too.

Road Service

Finally, there is a chance that you might not need your truck towed. In some instances, repairs can be made right on the side of the road with a mobile repair unit. That saves you time, hassle and money.

At B&L Towing, we’re proud to be a 35+ year veteran of the New Jersey heavy-duty towing industry. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we offer roadside repair services, heavy-duty towing capabilities, and custom fabrication if necessary.

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