For A Self-Service Warehouse In Fort Myers FL, Cheaper Is Not Always Better

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Warehousing and Storage

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When a family decides to store their extra belongings in a serve-yourself warehouse in Fort Myers FL, it does not always pay to simply choose the least expensive facility. Depending on what you plan to store, it is a good idea to do some research before you commit to a facility, pay the deposit, and go through the work of moving your items to the storage site.

If you are very budget conscious, then it may be a requirement to start with the least expensive warehouse Fort Myers, FL. However, if you do go that direction, make sure that they really are the least expensive. Check on the costs for a security deposit, and the circumstances where you can recover your deposit on termination of your contract. Make sure there are not exorbitant, hidden fees for late payment charges, or other unreasonable fees. Make sure that your contract is month-to-month, and that there is no penalty for terminating your contract after even just a month.

The next thing is to check location. A warehouse in Fort Myers FL may not necessarily be located on the choicest property in the area, but make sure that the area is not a dump as well. In the first place, you will want to be able to visit the facility in safety. You also do not want to leave your belongings in a seedy area. These are the locations that are often robbed first, because of convenience (and thieves are all about their convenience).

Second is to check the sizes of the available units and to make sure that some of these units are immediately available to you. One standard size for self storage units approximates the size of a single car garage. Other sizes are somewhat larger or smaller than this. If you have so much that you need to rent more than one unit, it generally pays to use the fewest number of units possible. It is not a bad idea to rent a little more space than you need because most families tend to continue to accumulate items.

Third is to check the security. Some of your items may be valuable, although of course, you will not want to store very expensive items like jewelry. For valuable items, make sure that the units are secure all around. It does not help to have a high-quality steel door when the rear of the unit sits outside of the fence and can be easily broken. Good self storage Fort Myers, FL will have cinder block construction. They will not be wood finished structures as many home garages are.

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