Employer Pass Program & Vanpool Options through DART

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Transportation

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While many employees are forced to put much of their monthly income toward gas and car maintenance expenses to make their daily commute, thousands of others enjoy the dependability and savings of DART. With DART, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, you and your employees have cost-effective and time-saving options. To reduce absences due to unreliable transportation or car troubles, take advantage of DART’s employer pass program or Vanpool options to provide comfortable,  reliable transportation. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your employees have a safety net that gets them to work on time, saves on commuting costs, and strengthens your company as a whole.

Annual & Monthly Passes
With a service area of seven hundred square miles, DART provides extensive access to areas throughout Dallas, as well as twelve surrounding cities. Light rail, local and express buses as well as the TRE, or Trinity Railway Express, are available to a multitude of travelers looking to reach their destinations quickly and affordably. Employers can purchase a minimum of five annual passes for their employees, which includes free emergency cab rides when the unexpected happens. This gives employees the assurance of knowing they’re covered for an urgent trip of up to fifty miles should they experience a family emergency. Monthly employer passes can be purchased for a minimum of eleven employees, and offer a number of savings and perks that benefit workers and companies alike, such as savings on parking, refunds on unused passes, less turn-over and unlimited transportation.

Share the Commute
If employees live in areas where the employer pass program doesn’t fit their needs, DART provides an economical, affordable option tailored to them through Vanpool service. Vanpool vans are available all day, everyday, and seat six to fifteen individuals. For about $460-480 per month, divided between riders, you and your employees can make the daily commute to work without complications. After your driving records have been verified and you’ve passed the necessary orientation, you can serve as designated captain of your Vanpool vehicle, and plan out a route that gets you and your staff to work on time and without hassle.



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