Common Reasons for Short-Term and Long-Term Rental at Storage Facilities in Connecticut

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Moving

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When someone is trying to decide which Storage Facilities in Connecticut would be most suitable for his or her needs, creating a list of questions and preferences helps narrow down the search. Pricing for the unit and payment options are high on a customer’s list of priorities.

Learning the Pricing

After deciding on the size an individual needs, the next step is learning the pricing for that size at different Storage Facilities in Connecticut. Some facilities may charge a bit more because there are amenities like climate control and entry from within a building. Of course, some men and women prefer exterior entry directly to the unit since they can drive right up to the door.

Options for Paying

Options for paying can vary among companies too. Many accept online payments and allow renters to pay monthly. Some provide a discount for a lease lasting six or twelve months. Since a large percentage of people rent on a short-term basis, those discounts aren’t available for everyone. College students, for example, may just need storage during the summer or when they go on a semester abroad.

Not Enough Room

People who rent storage on a long-term basis have various reasons for doing so. Often, they plan on getting around to dealing with these items within a year but don’t find the time. Two people who have lived on their own for a long time move in together, but they have too many belongings between them. Storing some of their furniture and other belongings allows them to go through it little by little and make decisions. Another situation may occur when a person inherits an estate. In both of these cases, the people don’t want to feel rushed and they don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for storage.

Seasonal Purposes

In some cases, customers need a unit at a facility such as Anthony Augliera Moving, Storage & Theatrical Transfer for seasonal use. They don’t have enough room at their residence for belongings like artificial Christmas trees and winter gear. They bring those items home when winter approaches, transferring summer items like tents and backpacks to the unit. Click here to learn more about this particular facility. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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