Best Moving Practices

by | May 11, 2013 | Transportation & Logistics

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Moving your home is a huge task. There are many details to consider, from how you pack antiques to where they will be placed in your new home. Deciding if you will be moving your own items or hiring movers Arlington VA is as important as packing.

Getting organized before you move will help the job go more smoothly. Decide how you will be moving your items, either by your self, with the help of Movers Arlington VA or a combination. If you decide to hire movers, do your research early. Search for reviews online and get recommendations from friends. The start calling the companies. Most of them will come out and do an evaluation of your home and the contents to give you an accurate quote. You can fill out forms online for an estimate but having a representative come out and actually look could avoid surprises later. Check for discounts and coupons as well. Asking about whether the company is insured and owns their own trucks is important. If the worst happens, you want to be sure the company can cover loss or damages. On the day of your move, you want to be sure the company will have a truck to move your items with.

Gathering boxes and moving materials early will help you to pack in a safe and cohesive manner. Scrambling at the last minute and ending up with kitchen supplies mixed with bath items will not help you to unpack faster. Have boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and a marker ready to pack when you are. Start gathering your items early and pack the things that you don’t need on a daily basis a little at a time over several weeks. Don’t forget to label what is in these early boxes. Knowing what your layout is in the new home will help as well if you label the rooms and boxes. This way, the movers will be able to get your heavy items where they need to go for you. On moving day, be sure to indicate what is going and what will stay. Most people spend a few days after the major move cleaning up and packing away the rest of the odds and ends themselves.

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