A few keys to a smooth move

For some people moving is a real hassle and for others it can be exciting, there are plenty of reasons for this. If you have finally received the promotion you have been dreaming about or you are moving to a brand new home with more space you will be excited and be looking forward to the big day. If however, your move is not well thought out and planned, what could have been fun can very quickly turn into a nightmare.

Here are few things to bear in mind to make your move as pleasant and free of stress as possible.


  • * Bear in mind that living costs vary from one part of the country to the other. Before you contact a moving company on Long Island think everything through very carefully. If you are moving into a larger home or relocating to a cold climate from a warm state the energy costs will be considerably higher. Consider the cost of commuting as well as local and state taxes. Making a big move may be rewarding for your career but if the increase in salary is eaten up by a large increase in the cost of living, you may want to reconsider. This is even more critical if you have retired and you are on a fixed income, will you be able to afford the change?
  • * Once the decision to move has been made gather up every important document and set them aside in a safe place. Don’t leave your passport, the birth certificates, warranties on your appliances etc lying around, they are too valuable to misplace during the confusion of a move.
  • * Hire a moving company on Long Island that has a great reputation. Ask the company for references and call them to get an honest opinion of their service. Check with the BBB, see if there are any outstanding problems that have not been addressed, find out how well the company stood behind their promises.
  • * Consider making the move before you close on the sale of your current home or cancel the lease if you are renting. Although with planning things probably will go smooth, just in case of a hick-up, think ahead and leave yourself a little slack otherwise you may end up living in expensive hotels for a while.

If you take your time and use it wisely you can look forward to a stress free relocation whether it’s across town or across the country


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