A Cab in Minneapolis is a Convenient Form of Transportation

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Transportation & Logistics

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Many people choose to use a cab service instead of buying their own car. Some do it for convenience, others do it because they can’t afford the expenses of owning a car. Disabled and elderly people take a Cab in Minneapolis because they are not able to drive. Being picked up at their doorstep and taken to a beauty shop appointment without relying on family and neighbours preserves some of their independence. It can be frustrating not knowing where the cab is at any given time. Those with smart phones and tablets never have to worry again.

Applications such as iHail allow a cab user to book a ride online. They can then use their smart phone to track the taxi that is coming to pick them up. Just seeing the dot moving on the screen is a great stress reducer. Convenience is also a major factor in booking online. The app stores both pick-up and drop-off locations that have been previously used. Hands that are crippled with arthritis have to do as little typing as possible. The taxi cab company also saves on dispatching costs. When the rider uses the app to request a ride, it automatically notifies the vacant taxi closest to the ride request.

Getting to an important flight at the airport is stressful for everyone. Airports are so big, they are like driving into a small city. If a person isn’t familiar with it’s layout, they can miss their flight looking for long-term parking. Taxi cab drivers know the major airports in their region. They can expertly deliver the person to the proper terminal. The person can just catch their flight and not worry about parking their car and jumping on a shuttle.

While applications can make getting a cab easier, riders still want the cab that arrives to be clean, odour-free and in good operating conditions. Older and disabled riders count on courteous drivers helping them with their grocery bags or luggage. They also want to feel safe getting in a cab with a stranger. Therefore it’s comforting for them to know that the drivers are fully vetted by the Cab in Minneapolis company. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked for any criminal activity or violent behaviour. They are also subject to random drug and alcohol screenings.


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