5 Suggestions on Your Trip to Victoria from Vancouver

Going from Vancouver to Victoria is easy when you know how. If you are planning to go, here are a few helpful suggestions to get you started.

Make a list

Think of all the tourist sites you want to see when you get to Victoria. Then start planning an itinerary. Include the gardens and grand buildings such as the Fairmont Empress Hotel, the Traveller says. You could stay on the island for a day or two if you want to take in everything at a leisurely pace. That way, you can take your time.

Do a day trip

If your vacation days are limited, then you may want to go for day trips instead. Check out cruise services that offer a comfortable and convenient way to travel from the BC islands. Look at the BC ferry schedule for Vancouver to Victoria to work out the departure and arrival times.

Leave a bit of leeway

Having an itinerary is an excellent idea. If you want to see everything, then having a schedule keeps you from wasting your time. However, don’t overdo it. Over-planning can lead to rushed itineraries, leaving you little to no time to enjoy the area, the comm

unity, culture, food and sights. Just have a general idea of where you want to go for that day. That’s going to prove much more fun for you.

Get there on time

Don’t be late. Double-check the BC ferry schedule for Vancouver to Victoria and arrive at the terminal or waiting lounge an hour to 30 minutes before boarding time. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable waiting for the cruise instead of being in a mad rush to get to the terminal on time.

Pack right

While it’s important that you consider the season, you’ll also want to learn how to layer. That is the best way to get ready for the island weather.

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